Welcome to Translation Agency Louvenberg!

Translating can be a tricky business and takes time. Therefore we want to make life easy for you by doing your translations for you.

You send us your texts and we will make sure they are translated. We provide the following language pairs:

  • German – Dutch
  • English – Dutch
  • Dutch – English
  • German – English

Regardless of the size of your text, we will take care to deliver the translated text on time and in the correct format.

We work both for private customers and translation agencies like the translation platform “Lingoking GmbH” in Munich.

You can contact us via our contact form.

Every translator has his own preferences. Ours are:

  • Culinary subjects and cookery
  • Tourism, arts and culture
  • Transport and automotive
  • General technical texts
  • Children’s books and gift books.

But perhaps you just want someone to read through your text and check it for mistakes. No problem! Proofreading and editing is part of our daily business.