About Us

Having a penchant for languages, we were spoilt for choice of what to do for a living.

Teaching, translating or maybe a career in journalism?

For us the translating and teaching turned out to be the ideal choice.

Translating is not just about speaking or teaching a language properly. So after our teacher`s training in English both of us have trained to become a translator in English and German. To keep up to date we invest a lot of time in permanent education.

A translation has to match the contents and style of the tekst provided. So a translation should be handcrafted not machine made. This also means that we know text we translated inside out. So should you have any questions, go ahead and ask! We feel it is very important that you should know why something is translated the way it is.

Translating is multifaceted and fun to do.

We prefer culinary, cultural, automotive or general technical translations. However that does not mean we will not tackle other subjects. A happy customer means a happy translator.